I really feel the energy in the house is calmer and more settled..

Lucy was incredibly helpful in guiding me to choose the right products for my home and work space. I have been using dots on my electronic equipment and a pyramid in my home, along with a bio band. I really feel the energy in the house is calmer and more settled. I feel reassured spending longer periods of time working on my laptop and I don’t feel drained after using it as I had before. I recently added a few extra space dots into my home and I have been sleeping so soundly - I really feel they have made a difference.

Zoe Greenwood - Practitioner

I'm wearing my bioband 24/7

 "I started wearing my bioBAND about 9 months ago. I understood the science behind it, but I had to actually experience it on my body to recommend it to my patients. The first difference I noticed was in the quality of my sleep - and much easier to get up in the morning. After long hours at work I could still work with high levels of focus and energy. I thought it only my imagination, so I took the band off for three weeks. Gradually I noticed the environment affecting my stress levels and quality of sleep again. I want to live at the top of my performance, so I'm wearing my bioBAND 24/7."

Matt, Warrington Chiropractic Centre.

More energised ...

 ‘I'm equipping my husband and daughter as well as buying another one for myself.  Since I started wearing the bioband I have felt much more energised and haven't had any static shocks from the car - I used to get a really bad static shock every time I touched the car which was very painful, so I'm very impressed with the bioband’ Gretel, Norfolk, September 2015

Good customer feedback - Leila Abachi, Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy.

"We ordered a small number for our initial order and within a week we had to do another order doubling our quantity. The products are well presented, easy to use and customers have given us very good feedback. All the staff at the pharmacy are also using them!"

Deep, deep sleep

I cannot believe the difference in my sleeping since I've had the pyramid in the house! Unreal. I usually only sleep about 6 hours and very light and restless, but its now deep deep sleep! Wow!  

Dr Maryellen Stephens, Westcountry Family Chiropractic

energyDOTs provide relief for sufferers of tension headaches

Working with energy on a daily basis I know the importance of energy build up. I'm always looking for new ways to improve mine and my clients health. With the constant attack of electrical frequencies from computers, mobiles and televisions it's no wonder tension, headaches and lack of energy are becoming epidemic.

Before using the energyDOTs I noticed tension building up at the back of my ear when using my mobile. With instant relief from using the energyDOT I feel more confident in using my mobile without adverse affect.

Sergie Hajikakou A.S.K Kinesiologist, Founder and Director of Healthserg Ltd

A huge impact on my life

electroDOTs have made a huge impact on my life - and on my client's also.  I highly recommend this revolutionary technology, rated as one of the best on the market today! 
Ki Lin, Transformation Wellness Consultant, Thailand 

Greenlife business relies on the positive effects of DOTs

The Greenlife shop already has Phi Dots all around the building and our staff wear them to protect themselves from the effects of all the electrical equipment that we have to endure as part of 21st Century business.

A recent installation of a new computer system which involves lots of wireless machinery really upset the balance again and staff were noticing more headaches, generally not feeling well and cold like symptoms. Time to call in Rosemary from Phi Harmonics who kindly came and gridded the building again placing new Phi Dots where her dowsing indicated they were needed.

A week on and we are really seeing an improvement not only in health but in morale. I wouldn't operate a business without the protection of these miracle dots because as a manager I feel I have a responsibility for my staff health and welfare and understand the damage that electromagnetic frequencies can do.

Julie Hore, Manager Greenlife Health Food Shop November 2012

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