phi space

Essentially, a phi Space is free from electromagnetic and environmental stressors; a space in which your natural energy can thrive.

It is a bespoke service where we advise exactly what energyDOTS are needed to clear negative energy and create a high vibration, harmonious space.

Creating harmony in a space has been understood by many home owners as well as successful businesses for years. Motorola, HSBC, Shell, Nike, Disney, among others use the principles of Feng Shui to create positive energy. These businesses understand the importance of the energetic quality of the working environment and they actively seek to improve it. They know this improves productivity and helps create success.

beyond feng shui

A phi Space goes beyond this.  Firstly, this transformation does not require redevelopment, redecoration or indeed any physical upheaval. Secondly, energyDOTS harmonise the ‘energetic interference’ from technology as well as environmental imbalances.  Many Feng Shui practitioners have recommended the need for this for years but it is only now that reliable tools in the form of energyDOTS are available to create lasting positive change.

It is an exciting and transformative journey and is relatively inexpensive. If you would like to know more please call us and talk to Rosemary or Lucy.


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