harmonise EMFs

If you are concerned about your level of EMF exposure then energyDOTs provide a simple, affordable means of reducing exposure.  They are harmonisers which means they work by retuning the emissions from devices.  

which energyDOT do I need?

Double-blind placebo controlled research and the experiences of our many users demonstrates that energyDOTS® can make a difference.

The role of the smartDOT is to harmonise the EMFs from the electronic equipment you use.

The bioDOT acts to harmonise your body's energy field, essential given the polluted 'electro-smog' environment we live in.

The objective of the aquaDOT is to harmonise drinking water and other liquids. As well as noticing an improvement in taste, we regularly use it to watch our indoor flowers last longer!

The spaceDOT helps to revitalise the energy wherever you are - home and workplace. It could be thought of as a new component for Feng Shui.

energyDOTs are easy to use

smartDOTs are ultra-slim 21mm 'peel-and-stick on' magnetic discs.
bioDOTs® aquaDOTs and spaceDOTs are ultra-slim 17mm 'peel-and-stick on' magnetic discs.
they can be applied to any suitable object
DOTs do not lose their energy signature if washed or worn in water




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