3rd December 2015

Wi-Fi in schools. Is it safe?

We were incredibly saddened to read the news about Jenny Fry whose mum said that she committed suicide because of the impact the wi-Fi router installed at her school had on her health.

19th October 2015

Should my child have a mobile phone?

Its a question we often get asked - should my chiild have a mobile phone? How dangerous are they for kid?

15th October 2015

Why don't I have more energy?

Most of use lead very busy lives and its easy to think we're tired because we're doing too much, not exercising enough, or eating the wrong things.

21st July 2015

Holiday time is here. Are you escaping from electro-smog this year?

Digital detox holidays are becoming more popular as people jump at the chance to wind down without emails pinging, and notifications arriving day and night.

9th June 2015

Increasing awareness of health risks

Did you know that there is an increasing awareness of health risks associated with using mobile phones and being surrounded by wi-F?

6th April 2015

Spring is here

Spring is a great time of year to revisit your New Year's Resolutions. The clocks going forward means we often feel as if we have more energy and the lighter evenings make it easier to go for more walks and get more fresh air during the working week.