Powerful, revolutionary & scientifically tested

Man-made electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, for better or worse.  An energyDOT® is a small, ultra-thin disc, programmed to retune or hamonise the effects of this radiation - to help keep your body balanced and healthy - all the time. The investment is modest, the results can be profound.  

  • More energy

  • Greater concentration

  • Better sleep

  • Fewer headaches

  • Less stress

  • All-round wellbeing*

* experienced by various energyDOT users over the last 14 years

How do energyDOTs work?

Phi has been called nature’s blueprint for life and it is the functioning technology behind energyDOTs.  Click here to learn how energyDOTs work.

Are you suffering from electro-stress?

Click here to learn about electro-stress

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