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Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at energyDOTs. 

radiofrequency radiation - what are the issues?

We are living in an environment estimated to contain 10 billion times more radiofrequency radiation than it did in the Sixties.  If you, like many, would like to know more about the debate regarding the safety of this new way of living please click here.   

protect & preserve your energy

If you are concerned about the safety issues you may want a 'harmoniser' for your mobile phone, computer, or wi-Fi.  smartDOT is the 'harmoniser' for any of these devices.  It harmonises or retunes the emissions to make them less harmful.

If you are familiar with energyDOTs then it has all become much simpler.  The new golden smartDOT is a combination of both electroDOT and wifiDOT. To learn more about smartDOT please click here.   If you would like a free smartDOT please read on. 

are you new to energyDOTs?

If so welcome!  If you aren't sure where to start we recommend you begin with a special offer bioDOT pack.  The pack includes a bioDOT, for you to wear, and a FREE smartDOT for your most used device.  The bioDOT supports your energy field at all times.  We live in a world of 'electro-smog' and bioDOT supports your energy field in this intense environment.  In the pack it is offered in three easy to wear options the bioTAG, bioCLIP and bioBAND.  If you would like to know more about bioDOT or to buy a bioDOT on its own please click here.  

If you would like to know more about the special offer packs please click here

If you are not sure about what you need please just ring and ask to speak to Lucy or Casey.  We are here to help.  01803 782008.

how do energyDOTs work?

Phi has been called nature’s blueprint for life and it is the functioning technology behind energyDOT harmonisers.  Click here to learn how energyDOTs work.

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